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Prices & Booking

Book directly on our website safely and without commission at the lowest price.

Minimum booking 2 nights.
Cave  x price/night
Cereza 1 70
Cereza 2 70
Manzana 1 80
Manzana 2 80
Naranja 1 80
Naranja 2 80
Naranja 3 100
Oliva 2 90
Oliva 3 110
Oliva 4 130
Almendra 2 100
Almendra 3 120
Almendra 4 140
Almendra 5 160
Almendra 6 180
Almendra 7 200
Almendra 8 220

* Rates include:

Rental, electricity, firewood in winter, linen, towels, parking, Wifi, access to the pool and final cleaning by an approved company.

10% reduction per week

Check in: 2 PM to 11 PM

Check out: 11 AM

A deposit of 30% will be requested to confirm your reservation and the balance will be debited within * the deadlines of the general conditions of cancellation before your arrival from your credit card.

For those who attempt to circumvent the system by using a prepaid credit card  to pay their down payment  in order that we cannot recover the balance within the cancellation period, and in order to not lose the deposit  in case of cancellation. we  reserve the right to cancel the reservation, and the deposit will be lost for non-payment of balance!

We could do like many other establishments or travel tour operators, ask for full payment but we understand that booking a holiday well in advance can have an influence on your budget, therefore we only ask for down payment of 30%.

We attach a lot of interest to mutual respect,and we block our calendar (which is synchronized with many partners) in order to honor your reservation. 

That is our part of the contract !

We turn down bookings every day to honour this undertaking.

We therefore ask the customers to play their part, in making the payment within the deadlines concluded with the reservation "having accepted the conditions of cancellations during their reservation".

I dream of a fairer world, the world we once had, when a look, a handshake and nothing on paper sufficed and relied  just on pride and honor but ... there are those do not encompass this this so we must protect ourselves too.

Many hotels close for lack of a firm booking policy,

I have no intention of closing my doors as a result of accomodating disrespectful people and therefore losing out myself!

We are very welcoming and also very professional.

Our prices are fair and equitable and we have a lot of respect for the value of peoples work.

We work with local people such as the laundry, the cleaning company, the supplier of firewood, etc. It is important for us that all these businesses are properly paid, and in staying at our establishment you are supporting the sustainablity of the local economy.

We have a tourism license (VTAR / GR / 00640), we pay our taxes which are used to finance our schools, our hospitals, our roads, in short, our social infrastructure.

For those who want to negotiate, it is clear that you will certainly find cheaper establishments elsewhere but, for us, we feel that we offer an enhanced level of accomodation, a unique atmosphere on the property, a warm welcome and comprehensive reception, as well as a fulfilling list of activities ! 

No one else comes close !

If you want a memorable holiday then Cuevas Andalucia is the place for an unforgettable and enduring experience !

Thank you for your comprehension !

* Deadlines for general cancellation conditions:

* during the 14 days preceding the date of arrival: 100% of the stay is due for cancellation fees.

* no show: 100% of the stay is due for cancellation fees.

If you want to book via, Expedia or Airbnb the conditions are the same and the prices are more expensive.

Attention: we are referenced on Tripadvisor, and Expedia but we try to limit the reservations via these unethical multinationals who take between 17% and 30% commission on reservations and who pay almost no tax because they are tax exiles!

We have therefore augmented our prices on these sites by 20% so that their fees are not passed on threatening the sustainabilty of our  project and also we have increased the restrictions which are now much more constraining for these sites. (Deadlines for cancellations, 100% of the payment on booking, etc ...)

For a better world, we need a fair world for all.

Have a wonderful day !

Prices all inclusive:

Renting, energy, final cleaning, linen, pool access (in season), WIFI, firewood for the fireplace

30% deposit on booking, balance paid 15 days before your arrival.

Book only on our web site on-line, the calendars are updated.

Thank you for not book with, you paid more, not me!