Questions and answers

Booking your vacation rental in Cuevas Andalucia is easy and you are guaranteed to always be accompanied before, during and after your stay!
Here are the answers to some questions we are often asked about our vacation rentals:
Keeping holidaymakers well informed is our priority: so do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance preparing for your arrival or finding accommodation for your next holiday.
What quality guarantee?
Everyone knows it: there are a lot of scams on the Internet and we all wonder how to avoid vacation rental scams...
Well to rent safely, the answer is Cuevas Andalucia!
Gites approved by the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism under number VTAR/GR/00640.
All the information published on is up to date, you have at your disposal complete and detailed descriptions and clear contractual documents on our online reservation module "Avaibook" also approved by the Ministry of Tourism which secures your reservation. .
If you have a question, if you can't find the answer in the FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us after reading this chapter.
- Choose my vacation rental
In the "Our accommodation" menu, click in the sub-menu on the gîte that suits you according to its capacity > select a suitable gîte > read the description > look at the calendar with its availability > click on Online booking > Select the number of people > fill in your details and tick the box to accept the cancellation policy (read carefully beforehand)> Pay securely with your credit card > Receive your booking confirmation by Email via our Avaibook Software. (If you haven't received your reservation confirmation, it's because it has failed in your spam, check them carefully!).
- Minimum length of stay:
The minimum stay is 1 to 2 nights depending on the period in all our accommodations.
Exceptionally, if you notice that there is 1 night left between two dates, contact us to send you a booking link but it will be impossible to book 1 night only via the site without our validation.
Our philosophy is to give you emotions during your stay and we no longer want to be a place of passage for the night. You will understand why when you arrive. We feel so good at home that we don't want to stay just one night and we can only see the disappointment on the faces of our customers for not having booked an extra night. There are many local activities and we prefer slow tourism rather than stopover tourism.

- Is everything included in the price?

*Rates including:

 Rental, energy, firewood in winter, bed linen, bath towels, free parking, Wifi and access to the swimming pool in season.
- Cleaning:
when booking, a supplement of 25 to 50€ depending on the size of the accommodation will be imposed on you for the final cleaning in order to pay an approved company.
These fees cover:
- "normal" disinfection and cleaning of the accommodation.
- the cleaning of bed sheets in the laundry
- cleaning of bath towels.
Be careful, just because you paid for the cleaning doesn't mean you can leave your dirty dishes in the sink!
For this purpose, we give ourselves the right to ask you for a supplement!
- Payment and deposit:
When making your reservation, you will have to pay a 30% deposit and the balance will be debited from your credit card 14 days before your arrival according to the cancellation conditions.
- I am traveling with a baby:
Don't deprive yourself of a stay with us because of your baby! Cuevas Andalucia offers holiday rentals with baby equipment: it's the right plan to travel light and make your life easier!
We offer you a cot, a baby bath and a high chair.
- Internet connection on vacation:
We have in each cottage an independent connection of 10 MG in satellite.
You will find that living in a cave is sometimes more comfortable at Cuevas Andalucia than in a traditional house.
- Television:
Each cottage is equipped with Netflix.
- Should I come with my sheets and towels?
No need to come with your sheets and towels: they will already be in place when you arrive because the sheets and towels are included.
 - Swimming during the stay:
In the "Sports activities" menu > Bathing > select your bathing point.
- Is the pool private or shared?
The swimming pool is shared but if you want more privacy, many swimming in nearby lakes or hot springs are planned.
On the other hand, it is imperative that you take a shower before entering the swimming pool in order to eliminate the anti-tanning products which will be deposited along the water line.
- Pool opening season:
The pool with automatic PH management and salt electrolysis is open from 15/04 to 31/10.
- Is the garden enclosed?
We have an 8.5 hectare property fenced by ranch-style wooden railings but we are surrounded by nature, the children are free and there is no vehicle traffic as we are the only property on the road.
- How far is Granada: 
We are located 1 hour drive from Granada and the motorway is 3 km from the property.
- Where can we get supplies?
Our property is 7 minutes from supermarkets like LIDL, consume, Dia or Mercadona.
Here is an access plan which will also be sent to you upon receipt of your booking confirmation.
- Where to find the rates and availability of your lodgings?
In the blue menu on the left, click on "Rates and availability"
Attention, the cottage is rented according to the number of people, if you are only 2 in a cottage of 4 people, you only pay for 2!
- Are your calendars up to date?
Yes, these are automatically synchronized from our website with companies like Airbnb,, Expedia or
- Can I receive a discount?
After 7 days of booking, the administration module will automatically give you a 10% discount on the entire stay.
- What is the cheapest price?
The cheapest rate is from producer to consumer so if you still want to book via Airbnb,, Expedia and others, you pay the commission, not us! See this article.
- Do you accept pets?
Only for people we know and this in order to preserve the tranquility of the place despite the fact that we have 3 calm and educated dogs.
- Do you make meals and breakfasts?
We are not authorized to offer this kind of service but we have a nearby Churros bar with its hot chocolate and orange juice for breakfast and various restaurants nearby. But with time and experience, our customers love their cave and go shopping to take advantage of their beautiful equipped kitchen.
- What is there to do in the area?
You will find on our website the details of the activities of the region in the menu "Sports activities" or "Cultural visits".
- Can we take two lodgings successively during the stay?
It sometimes happens that availability is possible but on 2 different lodgings, no problem, you can for example rent a week on a lodging then for a second week on the other lodging.
Several tenants were happy with this formula.
- How is the kitchen of the ecolodge?
All our kitchens are very well equipped, you will find details with photos on each gite page.
- Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, when booking you must agree to the Cancellation Policy, Accommodation Rules and Booking Conditions by ticking the box that will allow you to book. Carefully read the cancellation conditions which are generally 14 days.
- Is the property easily accessible?
Yes, we are located 3 km from the highway exit and follow the following route.
This itinerary will be sent to you automatically upon booking.
- Is the car park secure?
We have parking outside or inside the property. If you wish for security reasons to park your vehicle inside, please let us know in an e-mail.
We try that the vehicles stay outside (25 m) for reasons of noise with the slamming of doors but as no one comes to our house because we are isolated, the car park is naturally secure.
- Can I charge my electric car?
As everywhere on this planet, energy has a cost and this type of installation requires large investments in charging power.
We have seen an increase in customers arriving with their electric car and their extension cord connected to the gîte.
Sorry, although electricity is included in the price of your accommodation, your fuel is not!
- Do you do 4x4 guided tours?
We organize free specific itineraries for our customers to discover the region on foot, by mountain bike, by car or 4x4 thanks to the insertion of a GPS application on your smartphone.
Our concern is to make you completely independent without your stay costing you guide supplements. Long live freedom!
- Does it often rain in Andalusia?
We have more than 300 days of sunshine per year, but the wettest periods are from January to the end of March.
- If we stay several weeks, are the sheets and bath towels changed?
Yes, every week we will give you a new set of clean bed sheets and bath towels.
- Is it possible to make a washing machine?
Yes, we have a collective washing machine, the price for each use is €4. In this price is included, the machine and the soap.
- Do you have spices, salt, pepper, olive oil, wines available?
We can provide you with some spices so you don't have to buy any. However, we sell our organic olive oil, some jams and local organic wine for the amateurs.
- Is the swimming pool fenced?
Yes but as it is a shared pool we are not responsible for customers not closing the door. The best solution is to stay next to your children.
On the other hand, the swimming pool has a depth of 1.60m and safety edges all around for children.
- Is it too hot in July and August?
It is hot but dry, so the heat is quite bearable in the shade.
However, we recommend doing like the local population, taking a nap in your naturally air-conditioned cave (21°) between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.
If, on the other hand, you wish to go hiking, you will be offered activities at altitude with the possibility of swimming.
- I have not received my booking confirmation.
You will receive a confirmation email from our online reservation system "Avaibook".
Remember to check your junk / spam mails with messages from Avaibook.
Another problem, you made a mistake in your email address, please contact us to correct your details.
We wish you a pleasant stay with us and if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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